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    MWI Corporation is an extension of a business started by the Eller family in Deerfield Beach in 1926. Originally founded as a company engaged in the manufacture of iron and steel equipment, MWI realized the need for a reliable manufacturer of pumping stations for irrigation, drainage and flood control applications. Two years after the founding of MWI, the hurricane of 1928 hit Florida and over 2500 lives were lost. Subsequently, the U.S. government constructed one of the most extensive flood control systems in the world - and eventually thousands of MWI pumps became an important part of this vast water control network.Using the best available designs as an example, and utilizing several outstanding metal-working craftsmen, MWI quickly achieved widespread acceptance and tremendous success in the manufacturing and marketing of propeller pumps for high capacity, low head applications. At that time, their pump line consisted solely of the conventional design. They all had shaft-driven arrangements that required carefully aligned transmission shafting, critical drive arrangements and large pumphouse floor areas for accommodating driver and transmission center distances.In 1966, MWI undertook the design and development of a new class and type of high capacity pumping unit. Our main goals were to achieve greater compactness of the overall station, completely eliminate the requirements for great lengths of pump shafting with numerous precision bearings, development of a positive pressure lubrication system and above all, eliminate the need for drive systems requiring critical alignment and large floor spaces.Another very important aspect of this new design was its portability - mainly, the capability to install and remove the pumping units from their location without high costs and long periods of ''down-time.''MWI engineers recognized that significant advancements had been made over the past couple of decades in the field of hydraulic power units and transmissions. After considerable research and experimentation, hydraulic drive system was selected as the drive unit for their new line of propeller pumps. The new pump was named the Hydraflo?, and the drive unit for the new pump was named the Hydraflo? Drive.Over the years, MWI expanded its technology to also include higher head, mixed flow and centrifugal pumps, and mobile pumps.In 1983, MWI purchased the Grant, Florida division of the Allis-Chambers Corporation, formerly known as the Couch Pump Company. Recognizing Couch's rich history and loyal customer base, MWI re-established the Couch brand name on all of the facilities and equipment at Grant. To thousands of customers, the Couch name was synonymous with quality. As a result, over 8,000 Couch pumps are successfully operating today.In 1989, MWI began manufacturing Ruwatsan I and II hand pumps, as well as heavy-duty well drilling rigs and related equipment. MWI's experience in hand pump production, along with extensive interaction with rural villages led their engineers to the realization that existing hand pump technology would never allow villages to solve their water problems. Although much good had been accomplished through public and private organization's attempts to help rural areas meet minimum requirements, the old methods of collection and distribution of water still prevailed, promoting disease and lowering the quality of life. MWI had a solution for this problem - the SolarPedalflo. This pump is a complete village water supply system and is able to deliver treated potable water to any location in a rural village on a continuous basis. The unit lifts water from boreholes using a MWI designed borehole reciprocating piston pump. It is driven by solar power and, if needed, pedaling can operate it. SolarPedalflo's benefits are numerous, but its primary benefit is the improvement in the quality of life in the village where it is installed.Today, and more than ever, MWI is at the forefront of pump technology. Its custom designed pump systems are in use in over 50 countries throughout the world. We are committed to help the people of the world move water efficiently and reliably-with a spirit of friendliness and professionalism.