Barracuda Seafood Bar and Seafood

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1965 NE 2nd St.
Deerfield Beach, FL 33441
(954) 531-1290
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    Our dishes at Barracuda celebrate the richness of the ocean with a dash of Brazilian flavor that comes from the beauty of our culture making our gastronomy so unique. Brazil's cuisine is richer than one can imagine, it assembles peculiar components which go far beyond the limits of our kitchen.

    An infusion of beans and faith, music and yucca, fish and passion, folklore and popular tales, settlers, colonizers, invaders, immigrants and slaves are all essentials ingredients when it comes to preparing a genuine Brazilian meal, but always with a generous relish of religion. Sounds, tastes, scents, scenery and spices are all distinct ingredients of a delicious recipe called Brazil.

    No other dish is a better representation about our food than the Moqueca; a fish stew made with dende oil, coconut milk, dedo de moca pepper, lime, cilantro, tomatoes and most essential, love. The dish is served on a 400 years recipe clay pot that comes sizzling to the table.

    The concept of Barracuda, a small restaurant located just two blocks from the ocean, was created by the owner's passion for food and tradition of her country. The restaurant offers a full liquor bar but is known for making the best Caipirinha of South Florida. With live Brazilian music for most nights of the week, we find Barracuda hosting customers from various countries, but most important, our establishment is filled with the presence and support of our locals. We hope you savor our food with the same pleasure as we prepare them for you.